Carleton University Mentioned by GivingTuesday


GivingTuesday is an organization that created a global movement for giving and volunteering. In 2017, 6 million Canadians donated on GivingTuesday. Twitter impressions reach was 21.7 billion globally in 2017.

In their higher education toolkit, GivingTuesday mentions crowdfunding as one of the best ways to generate donations.

They also mention Carleton University, who uses the Make Giving Happen platform, as a great success story. Carleton University raised 350K last year on #givingtuesday.

Carleton University (CU) uses their platform, FutureFunder, as a new way to invest in post-secondly education. Connecting people with projects that CU uses to make a difference in the world.


To review GivingTuesday’s toolkit click the link below!

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